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Time Deadline – 22-06-2023
Topic 1 - Homework in elementary schools
Topic 2- Cursive writing
Topic 3 - Imagine Becoming a Topper in College
Topic 4 - speech on college campuses
Topics 5 - Identifying students’ learning styles
Topics 6 - Does the class size affect the effectiveness of a teacher?
Topics 7 - Should students be taught typing instead of writing?
Topics 8 - beauty contests at school
Topic 9 - schools be accountable for poor achievements of students
Topic 10 - Your Grades is Not a Reflection of Your Intelligence
Keywords: Homework Help, Homework Writing, Assignment writing,, Essay Help, Assignment Help
Note: Use atleast 2 keywords in the content anywhere but not in 1st paragraph
Writing Guidelines:
1- Word Limit – 800 words/each topic
2- Content Language should be informational
3- Don't use passive voice in writing
4- Use sub headings (minimum 4-5) and lists
5- Use smaller sentence (20-30 words)
6- Paragraph Length= not more than 100 words
7- Focus on topic 1st then insert keywords
8- Don’t use AI based content generator or any boat like chatgpt
9- We need human based generated content