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Trigonometry is a part of mathematics that studies triangles and their relationships between their sides and the angles. Trigonometry defines the trigonometric features and has applicability to cyclical phenomena as waves. In the third century, BC as a branch of geometry used extensively for astronomical scientific studies. It also studies the basis of the useful art of surveying.

Trigonometry basics are often taught in school, possibly as an individual study course or as a component of a a pre-calculus study course. The trigonometric capabilities are pervasive in areas of pure mathematics and applied arithmetic, such as Fourier assessment and the wave equation, which are in change significant to many branches of science and technological innovation.

Spherical trigonometry research triangles on spheres and surfaces of constant optimistic curvature, in elliptic geometry. It is essential to astronomy and navigation. Trigonometry on surfaces of unfavorable curvature is part of Hyperbolic geometry.

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