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Please view an attachment is Distributed Systems for assignment # 3,and let me knowyour offer.Please give me a discount price because I always come to you.Elena, this assignment is related to COM130248...Chapter 5: The Link Layer: Links, Access Networks, and LANs5.1 Suppose the information content of a packet is the bit pattern 1111 1011 1001 1100 and an even parity scheme is being used. What would the... ASSIGNMENT 1C++ express 2010 - Write a program using vectors and iterators that allows a user to maintain a personal list of DVD titles. The user should be able to view all DVD titles in his library,...Student work will generally be assessed in terms of the following criteria:The assessment criteria for this assignment will be the appropriateness or accuracy of submitted answers, and the demonstration... The current practice of a particular part of water resources engineering issupported by a variety of commercial software.Pick a specific domain withinwater resources engineering.What is the software?What...Describe the problem, solution, assumptions, limitations, cost, politics, .... On one part of the New Orleans flood risk reduction system that we just spent $20B creating. this USAa paper of approximately...The demographic site analysis provides a summary of a specific market area. For this paper component, you will choose a specific geographic area (locality, zip code, or census tract) and prepare a demographic...Part (b) in problem 7.2.14 need Hyetoghraph.Let me know if you get themAll are Fluid Hydraulics, open channel flow and RunoffOpen channel flow /Hydraulic processesthe problem has more to it: Part of the question is attached file and the end of it is next line; between the wells were to be equal. what would be the length of each...Please check the attached file and help me with this assignment asap.-Open Channel Flow:My solution: (T * Q^2) / (g * A^3) = 1 for rectangulare channel T=B, q=Q/B=Q/T therefore solving the above equation for yc yc = (q^2 / g)^(1/3) yc = ((50/5)^2 / 9.81)^(1/3) = 2.17 m...Compute the critical depth in a 36-in diameter culvert with a slope of 0.0016 for a discharge of 20 cfs

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