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Assessment Task 3: Project
Information for students
In this task, you are required to conduct a review and evaluation of the organisational learning strategy and implement some changes.
You will need access to:
• a suitable place to complete activities that replicates a business environment including a meeting space and computer and internet access
• your learning resources and other information for reference
• Assessment and Recognition Policy and Procedures Template
• Learning Strategy Review Template
• Staff Survey Results 2019
• Staff Survey Results 2020
• Staff Learning Spreadsheet.
Ensure that you:
• review the advice to students regarding responding to written tasks in the Business Works Student User Guide
• comply with the due date for assessment which your assessor will provide
• adhere with your RTO’s submission guidelines
• answer all questions completely and correctly
• submit work which is original and, where necessary, properly referenced
• submit a completed cover sheet with your work
• avoid sharing your answers with other students.
Assessment information
Information about how you should complete this assessment can be found in Appendix A of the Business Works Student User Guide. Refer to the appendix for information on:
• where this task should be completed
• how your assessment should be submitted.
Note: You must complete and submit an assessment cover sheet with your work. A template is provided in Appendix B of the Student User Guide. However, if your RTO has provided you with an assessment cover sheet, please ensure that you use that.

Complete the following activities:
1. Carefully read the following:
It is just over a year since Grow Management Consultants adopted your Organisational Learning Strategy and the three new policies that you developed. Since then, further recommendations were implemented and the following policies and procedures were updated based on your research and planning:
• Recruitment, Selection and Induction Policy and Procedures
• Performance Appraisal Policy and Procedures.
Due to the global pandemic of COVID19, the decision was made to not proceed with the external training on emotional intelligence and to run online in-house training sessions to keep employees protected and to save company funds during the financial recession that the country faced. Other courses still went ahead that had been planned for but these were all run online. All employees were set up with Zoom accounts were live webinars were run and recorded for later viewing. The training sessions were interactive and Zoom functioned smoothly.
As part of the ongoing assessment of the organisation’s learning management systems, Human Resources has started adding all the learning opportunities that the staff have undertaken over the year to their staff records. They have put these in a spreadsheet for easier evaluation. Additionally, all staff are given an annual questionnaire to help assess whether organisational learning targets are being met. You are required to use these documents to assess the success of the organisational learning strategies that you have implemented.
Also, the CEO has asked you to review information on grants for skill development as they would like to capitalise on any opportunities for employers to access funding for learning and development. Determine how this could be integrated into the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy.
2. Review the organisational learning strategy implementation.
Read through the following company documents:
• Staff Survey Results 2019
• Staff Survey Results 2020
• Staff Learning Spreadsheet
Your review should include evaluations of the following:
• The end-to-end implementation of the organisational learning strategy
• The performance of resources and people supporting organisational learning strategy implementation
• How well learning strategies and learning resources achieve organisational learning targets.
• Whether the intended strategic outcomes have been achieved through the organisational learning strategy.
You should also determine:
• The changes that could be made to at least two of the company’s policies and procedures
• Your plans for improving the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy
Use the Learning Strategy Review Template to guide your work.
3. Implement changes based on your review
Make the changes to the policies and procedures as outlined in your learning strategy review and in the previous activity step and make changes to the strategy document also.
Save this version of the document as Updated Organisational Learning Strategy and any policy changes with the name ‘Updated’ and highlight your changes so your assessor can review the information easily.
4. Present your plans to senior management
Develop communication to senior management to present your review findings and changes.
The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate (polite, business-like) style.
It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachments
The email text should present your work to them along with an explanation of the changes you have made and why ask them for their feedback.
Attach the following documents to the email:
• Learning Strategy Review
• Updated Policy and Procedures
• Updated Organisational Learning Strategy

Assessment Task 3: Checklist
Student’s name:
Did the student: Completed successfully? Comments
Yes No
Evaluate the outcomes of the organisational learning strategy implementation and implement changes by updating the company’s policies and procedures to reflect their findings?
Monitor the results of their learning strategies and the use of the learning resources they created, and determine whether they helped the company achieve its learning targets?
Evaluate the implementation of the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy?
Review the performance of staff and the resources supporting the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy implementation?
Develop plans for improving the company’s Organisational Learning Strategy?
Task outcome: • Satisfactory • Not satisfactory
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