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Networks ad security administration:
1. Originally Linux/UNIX systems had one all-powerful user called root that managed systems. Discuss the risks of having a single root user and how more limited management abilities can be given to others users on Linux/UNIX systems. Include a sample generic policy for a limited user from which a configuration could be written. (500 words)
2. Attempt to install the following web applications on Linux. The Moodle Learning Platform link:, The Etherpad shared document editing system link:, and The Community version of the Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System link: You should write a short report documenting each of the installations even if you don't get the applications running. (3 to 5 pages per report)
To the writer:
My requirements:
1. For the 1st question write 520 words its like an essay type.Write in a detailed manner according to the requirements in the question.
2. For the second question install application on linux and install those applications which are given in the question.
3. Whereever its necessary while installing and doing the practical work take screen shots of those applications in the installation process.
4. The main note to you is please use my name and student id in the installation and for the folders and in the screen shots .Plz don’t use your own names or student numbers.
5. I want every screen shot while installing those applications on linux as required in the question 2.
6. My Name: XXXXXX , student id:00000000
7. The dead line is 22nd sep 2014 by 5pm.