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Assessment item 3
Assignment 2
Value: 10%
Due date: 24-Sep-2014
Return date: 16-Oct-2014
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You have to design and implement a simple and small email server using the concept of web based information system (WBIS). Your system would perform following tasks to facilitate the users:
• Task 1: Sign in or sign up: Already registered users should be able to sign in the system using username and password (stored in the database). A new user should be able to register (sign up) with the system providing some basic profile information such as, name, date of birth, username, password, gender etc. Then the profile detail should be stored in database for later use.
• Task 2: See the list of all the users (only the user name/ID) already registered in the system.
• Task 3: A user should be able to send a message to another existing user using the username/ID. The message should go to the inbox of the recipient. The recipient should be able to see the message from his inbox.
• Task 4: A user should be able to see his/her own messages from the inbox.
• Task 5: A user should be able to delete a message from the inbox
• Task 6: A user should be able to update his/her profile
• Task 7: A user should be able to send a message to multiple recipients
This assignment will assess students’ ability to develop, implement and deploy a database driven web based information system. You will implement the system using Java Servlets, Java Server Pages and a JDBC compliant database system. This assignment will cover all the topics learnt in this subject. Moreover this assessment would achieve all learning outcomes in Assignment 1 in addition to following ones:
• be able to develop a small database driven WBIS using Java Server Pages, Java Beans, Java Database Connectivity.
• be able to develop a small WBIS using HTML forms, Java Servlets and cookies;
• be able to design a small WBIS using elements from the disciplines of web design, database design, software engineering and object modelling;