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CO4609 E-Marketing
Assessment 2, 2019-2020 An individual report worth 70% of the module’s total marks
Learning Outcomes
This Assessment addresses all the learning outcomes for the module and you will be assessed on your ability to demonstrate the achievement of these outcomes in relation to the marketing plan.
You are asked to prepare an e-marketing plan for a company selected for you by the Module Tutor. The plan needs to provide:
A macro environment analysis including PEST.
A micro environment analysis and SWOT.
Clearly defined marketing objectives.
Defined target audiences and a positioning strategy.
A clearly identified Internet value proposition for identified audiences.
Clearly defined e-marketing mix and relationship management tactics.
An illustration of how offline and online strategies will be integrated.
An implementation plan including evaluation and control mechanisms.
An indication of where revenue/benefits will be achieved and where costs incurred.
NB a full cost/benefit analysis or budget is not required
Your e-marketing plan should:
Be written in a report format and be suitable for use by the organisation.
Provide realistic strategies that can be implemented by the organisation.
Address all sections outlined above.
Not refer to academic theory but source all secondary data if used.
Not discuss how to design and build a web site.
Be a minimum of a 2,500 and a maximum of 3,500 excluding appendices.
The marking at the end will be aligned with the grade band/marking scheme below.
Submission Details:
Handed Out: 31/01/2020
Submission Time/Date: 27/04/2020 at 23:59
Place of Submission: Submission should be made through Blackboard turnitin link only.
Note: Only a digital copy is required. It is the responsibility of the student to keep a copy of their assignments.
Late Submission, Cheating, Plagiarism and using unfair means to enhance performance.
Extenuating circumstances and poor performance See Module information Pack