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Habibi’s has a small network of 20 client workstations and a Windows Server 2008. Seven of those workstations are inside the restaurant and are used by the table servers to place customer orders. Three of the workstations are used by the owner and the management staff, and the rest are in the kitchen for the chef’s staff.

During Unit 3 of this project, your job is to set up the Windows Server 2008 and train two of the management staff on its operation.

Please give management instructions on creating users, creating groups, and putting users into groups.
What global groups might you create?
Which domain local groups might you create?
Compare and contrast global groups -to domain local groups.
What overall strategy would you use to assign permissions to users using groups?
What organizational units (OUs) might you create?
Please give management instructions on how to create OUs and delegate control of OUs. What are some general guidelines for using OUs?
What shares might you create?
Inform management on how to create shares and how to map network drives.
Instruct management on how to set NTFS permissions, and give them some best practices
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Level of Detail: Only answer needed
Other Requirements: Need in a power point presentation please.