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1. BOOK USED IS Kendall & Kendall systems analysis and design 9TH ED. (8TH ED WILL WORK OK)



Question 1
a) Read the Consulting Opportunity 1.1 “Healthy Hiring: Ecommerce Help Wanted” (Kendall & Kendall page 3) and answer the following question:
How important is it that the person being hired has some basic busi¬ness understanding? (2 points)
*** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of 50 words.
b) As a systems analyst, you have set up an interview with the manager John Smith in the shipping department. Your objective is to determine how shipping works and what the information requirements for the new system will be. Make a list of three closed-ended questions and three open-ended questions that you would use in this interview. (3 points)
c) Suppose you are evaluating two hardware lease proposals. Option 1 costs $6,500, but requires that the entire amount be paid in advance. Option 2 costs $8,000, but the payments can be made $1,600 now and $1,600 per year for the next four years. If you do a present value analysis assuming a 15 percent discount rate, which proposal is less expensive? (10 points)
*** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of two pages.
d) In the following proposed DFD design, there are some typical errors among external entities (E), processes (P) and data stores (DS). Identify and explain any errors in the following design.(8 points)

Question 2
You are a project manager at L & D Inc., specialized in information technology and network engineering. One of your junior systems analyst came to you for an advice of a technology to capture user information requirements. He described to you that he had talked with his client several times in the past week to define user information requirements. Each time he thought he had captured user information requirements, they’ve already changed. Finally, he thinks his clients do not even know what they want for their system.
a) Give your junior systems analyst an advice of a technology that he could use to capture user information requirements
b) Explain to him how this technology can help him to better define users’ information requirements
*** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of one page.

Students should take the word -technology- as being defined in several dictionaries as a scientific method, technique, theory, or practice to solve a practical problem. I copy here some definitions of the word -technology- from several dictionaries so you might refer to answer your question.
1. The application of science, especially to industrial or commercial objectives.
2. The scientific method and material used to achieve a commercial or industrial objective.
1. The application of practical sciences to industry or commerce.
2. The methods, theory, and practices governing such application a highly developed technology.
1. The use of scientific knowledge to solve practical problems, especially in industry and commerce.
2. The specific methods, materials, and devices used to solve practical problems.

Question 3:
Mr. Smith, who owns a furniture company, wants to develop an information system for tracking shipments to warehouses. Using the data from the table below, please do the following:
1. Draw a Gantt chart to help Mr. Smith organize his design project. (4 points)
2. When is it appropriate to use a Gantt chart? What are the disadvantages? (2 points)
3. Drawn a PERT diagram and then list all paths, calculate and identify the critical path. (4 points)
*** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of two pages.

Description Task Must Follow Time (Weeks)
Generate data flow A None 7
Build decision tree B A 4
Build data dictionary C B 10
Write up project D C and H 4
Design output prototype E None 2
Revise output design F E 9
Write use cases G None 10
Design database H G and F 8

Question 4:
As a system analyst of AJ Food Services company, you are responsible to build a Web-based employee benefit system that employees can use to view information regarding how much money is taken out of their paychecks for health insurance, retirement, and taxes. The system objectives and requirements are as follows:
1. It allows employees to use a secure logon to view their employee benefit information.
2. It interfaces with a health insurance company to obtain the amount in the employee’s account for the year.
3. It interfaces with a retirement company to obtain retirement amounts saved along with investment results.
4. It interfaces with the human resources tax department of AJ Food Services company to obtain information about federal and state taxes and other taxes.
5. It requires employees to register and then give permission to obtain
a. Financial amounts from the health insurance company and the retirement company
b. Tax information from the human resources tax department
Create a context-level data flow diagram for the employee benefit system. (12 points)
* Note that you can make any assumptions about the data to and from the central process.
*** For this question, please limit you response to a maximum of a page and a half.

Question 5:
Consider a project management system in which each employee is assigned to a specific department and employees from several departments often are assigned to special project teams, however, when a new product is launched or for major marketing events. Note that the project hours are the number of hours that employees charge to their assigned projects. The following is an example of an un-normalized PROJECT-DATA table for two projects.
Project Number Project Name Start Date Employee Number Employee Name Job Title Department Number Department Name Project Hours
2000 Project MARS 01/10/2012 89 Smith Manager 1001 Web Design 150
18 Jones Engineer 1001 Web Design 100
95 Mike Technician 1005 Desktop 150
2010 Project PDRS 04/15/2012 36 Catherine Programmer 1020 Software 1500
89 Smith Manager 1001 Web Design 90
Perform the normalization process to convert the above un-normalized table to:
1. First normal form (1NF).
2. Second normal form (2NF).
3. Third normal form (3NF).
Please show all your work. Please show each step along the way and identify primary keys, if any, in each table in each step. (25 points)

Question 6:
Draw an entity-relationship diagram (ERD) in the third normal form for a “student database record” system based on the following situation:
• A student may live in only one residence hall, but each residence hall
usually has many students.
• Each student may register for many courses, and each course may have
many students.
• Each student may have many professors, and each professor may teach
many students.
• Each student may register for many sports, and each sport may have
many students.
• Each student may have many sport coaches, and each sport coach may coach
many students.
Identify relationships among the diagram entities as “one-to-one” and/or “one-to-many”, if any. Identify entities as “entity” or “associative entity”. (15 points)