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First semester Assignments
Subject: Research Methods 1
School: Business
Level: Level 4
Lecturer Name: Ms Mavis Assignments: 1/2/3 Total Marks:
Assignment 1
1. Examine the role of research in psychology.
Assignment 2
1. Compare and contrast experimental and non-experimental approaches to research.
Assignment 3
1. Define, compare and contrast the related concepts of anonymity and confidentiality.
1. Font Size 12
2. Writing Style Times New Roman
3. Spacing 1.5
4. Page Numbers reference list 4 Typed pages not counting cover page and
5. Reference Style APA Referencing Style
6. Write your assignment in essay form, using proper paragraphing skills NO HEADINGS, BOLDENING OF CERTAIN WORDS, NO PAGE AND PARAGRAPH LABELLING.
7. Each assignment question represents each assignment, so they should be prepared separately
8. Each question carries 100% mark
9. Plagiarism is an academic offence if caught you will be penalized accordingly.
10. Write your assignment in good gramma and language
11. Read the questions carefully before you answer.
12. Follow instructions carefully to attain all your possible marks.