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You are an RHIT and Certified Tumor Registrar (CTR) by The National Cancer Registrars Association’s (NCRA). You are responsible for administrative oversight and support of the program, including compiling the data for the cancer registry program and coding all cancers, statistical breakdown of specific cancers and stages, and patient demographics of the patients; support the NIH research grant; and reporting statistics to the organizational Cancer Committee, Morbidity and Mortality Committee, and other committes as requested.

As the Cancer Registrar, you are responsible for the development of the yearly Cancer Registry Annual Report, which is used for the hospital's Annual Report. The HIM Director has tasked you to present the initial required data listed below to him in an Excel spreadsheet and graphs within four weeks for his review. (Due in Week 4 of this course).

After his approval (and instructor grading and feedback), you will then develop the the Cancer Registry Annual Report using the compiled data from Week 4, and additional key requirements for incorporation into the Sunshine Hospital's yearly report by the CEO. (Due in Week 7 of this course