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The America´s Cup Bermuda 2017
In this activity you will to make a detailed SWOT analysis and a social media plan for the 35th America’s Cup and make sure you assess what the America’s Cup is currently doing in this sense and develop a strategy to improve its performance; this strategy will contain actions, criteria and pursued goals.
What information do you need?
You have all the information because you are the organizing body of the 35th America’s Cup, a position held by The Oracle team, the America’s Cup Event Authority and
Bermuda’s Government.
However, it´s important to make sure you identify sound and clear opportunities for the competition itself and also for Bermuda as the hosting country.
How will the assignment be resolved?
1. Make the SWOT analysis and the social media plan with the final conclusions.
2. Make a deep and detailed SWOT analysis for this coming edition of the
America’s Cup.
3. Based on the analysis main conclusions and identified opportunities, define a social media plan that should support the following objectives:
• Build the America’s Cup momentum as we progress towards 2017, establishing a social media campaign that evolves over time with different phases: describe the strategy for each phase with specific objectives, targets and actions.
• Increase the “share of voice” of this sports competition and increase its audience by attracting new followers and fans: nourish interest for this competition through a sound exploitation of its unique assets.
3. Include final conclusions in a Word document to be submitted via the Virtual Campus.
To learn a major sports property can use social media in order to increase its audience and reach, and how a hosting country can take great advantage of a major sports event in terms of brand repositioning and destination prestige.
How to deliver the activity?
Word document not exceeding 15 sheets including bibliography.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 3075 words including references

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