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Assessment Details and Submission Guidelines
Trimester T1 2018
Unit Code BN102/BN102D
Unit Title Web System
Assessment Type Assignment 2 (Individual)
Assessment Title To prepare a website for IT startup company
Purpose of the assessment
(with ULO
Mapping) Student should be able to:
d. Apply good design and coding practices to ensure the standards-compliance, presentation, and usefulness of Web content
e. Use the CSS to control Web page layout and to manipulate properties of objects on web pages
Weight 25%
Total Marks 70
Word limit As appropriate
Due Date End of week 11, Friday, 1st of June 2018, 11:59 PM
Submission Guidelines • All work must be submitted on Moodle by the due date along with a completed Assignment Cover Page.
• The assignment must be in MS Word format, 1.5 spacing, 12-pt Times Mew Roman (Body) font and 2 cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings.
• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriately at the end in a reference list using IEEE referencing style.
Extension • If an extension of time to submit work is required, a Special Consideration Application must be submitted directly to the School's Administration at level 6 or level 7 for Sydney. You must submit this application three working days prior to the due date of the assignment. Further information is available at:
• Academic Misconduct is a serious offence. Depending on the seriousness of the case, penalties can vary from a written warning or zero marks to exclusion from the course or rescinding the degree. Students should make themselves familiar with the full policy and procedure available at: For further information, please refer to the Academic Integrity Section in your Unit Description.
Description of the assessment:
Based on task specification proposed in assignment 1 (i.e., design document developed for website), develop a website for your IT startup company. The specification of assignment is shown in Table 1.
In all of the pages (refer to Table 1), add a header and import special typeface from Google font API but limit this typeface only for banner. Each page must have very clear page header that represents the page and must have clear title (unique – e.g. BN102’s Website|home, BN102’s Website|About us etc.) and associated “favicon”. See an example snapshot of a homepage (below).
Page Requirement
Home page (index)
This page should have a logo (design your own logo), a unique tagline
(few words to explain the uniqueness to describe the website) Please design your unique favicon that comes with respective page title.
You may put some highlights like the latest related news about the IT industry etc.
About (about.html)
Write a brief description of the company, e.g. services you provide, unique characteristics, and any achievements etc.
Image gallery (galleries.html)
Use this page to display images related to the startup company. Please use HML5 caption under each image (Hint: you may use figcaption that has img as attribute). This page should not contain any text other than caption(s). Please insert at least 6 such images. Check out different company websites to find appropriate images.
Services (services.html)
Insert an embedded video link from YouTube that talks about the services your company provides. Write a paragraph relating to the services. Use the YouTube caption to reference it.
Skills (skills.html)
Use this page to indicate the skills you have to run the company. Write a paragraph each on at least two skills, and insert an image related to each skill.
Sitemap (sitemap.html)
Create an HTML 5 site map with working links to all the pages on the website.
Contact Us (contact.html)
Use this page to display appropriate form elements to grab users’ comments, inquiry and a fake Google map.
Footer (Not a separate page but part of all the pages)
Insert the Copyright information, link to sitemap and other useful links like disclaimer, privacy policy and social media links with relevant media elements.
Table 1: Specifications of the assignment
Figure 1: Sample homepage with favicon
Marking criteria:
Topic Descriptions
Report Write a short report on your preferred test browser and browser compatibility issues, challenges that you faced during the development phase, and a clear screenshot of your homepage (fully labelled) in addition to possible future improvement of your work. 5
Consistency of websites All pages look similar in structure. 5
Suitable page title, page header and favicons All components mentioned in adjacent column are present. 10
Homepage Well written taglines. Maximum a paragraph can be written about this page. All images (if any) must have appropriate alternative text and figcaption. 5
About us This page should contain the elements as mentioned in Table 1.
Services Appropriately resized video snapshot with a clear label below it (preferably 600 * 400 px). Provide the title of the video and a paragraph of text. 5
Skills Write a paragraph each on two skills you need to have to run the company; include appropriate images. All images must have appropriate alternative text and figcaption. 5
Sitemap Working links to all pages in website. Make use of blurbs under each of the pages present, explaining briefly what to expect in a typical page. 5
Contact Us At the very least, provide appropriate form elements to get the customer queries and feedback; include a fake Google map of the business. 5
External CSS All HTML pages MUST refer to myStyle.css as an external style sheet. 10
Footer information This is NOT a page, but a section in all the pages to include copyright information, proposed privacy policy, disclaimer notice, and links to appropriate social media sites. 10
Marking Rubrics:
Grades Excellent Very Good Good Satisfactory Unsatisfactory
Report Report is concise and addresses all requirement of the specification. Report is relatively concise but misses minor things labels etc. Report is relatively concise but misses challenges and future improvement. Report is somewhat
relevant but not so concise and misses most parts. There is no report or is too short to comprehend any thing.
Consistency Reasonably consistent pages. Of many pages only one page is inconsistent. Reasonably good attempt to render consistent pages. Reasonably good attempt to render consistent pages but this is achieved with CSS code inside HTML. Webpages look very inconsistent.
Suitable page title, page header and favicons All pages in the site have separate title, page header and favicons. Page header is rendered by
Google API. All pages in the site have separate title, page header but few pages do not have favicons. One or two pages do not have imported page header. Makes reasonably attempt to provide components mentioned above but only few are correctly rendered. No evidence of reasonable attempts made.
Homepage Well written taglines and image labeled
‘special of the day’. No more than a paragraph of text on images complete with appropriate alternative text and caption to image.
Well written taglines and image labeled
‘special of the day’. More than one paragraph is written on images but caption is not rendered properly. Taglines is missing, image not labeled properly. Caption is provided but figcaption has not been utilized. There is a lot of room for improvement. The work hardly satisfies any of the requirements.
About us All components of the page are present. One or two components are missing. There is no history and other relevant information. Reasonable attempt is made. Reasonable attempt is made but the page is not consistent in comparison to others.
Services Nicely resized video snapshot with a clear label below it
(preferably 600 * 400 px), title of video is provided. Size of video is not as mentioned but title is present.
Size of video is not as mentioned but title is present.
Video is not embedded but it is hyperlinked. Text is missing
Embedded video
does not play at all and many other requirements are missing.
Skills A paragraph each on the two
skills is give, and is reinforced by providing images. Text is there and Image is provided but caption is missing.
Text is there but Image is not related and caption is missing.
Minimal textual information is provided but size of image does not have appropriate aspect ratio, and no caption. This page is either missing or has only textual information.
Sitemap Working links to all pages in website are provided. Blurbs under each of pages are present. Nice looking sitemap is provided but blurbs are missing. Only links to other pages are provided. Snapshot of sitemap is provided. The links to the pages do not work as expected due to broken links.
Contact Us Appropriate form elements are provided and fake Google map of the restaurant exists. Appropriate form elements are provided but fake
Google map of
the restaurant is missing. Appropriate form elements are provided but lacks proper labeling. Reasonable attempt is made to provide form element but form design is not appropriate. Form elements can hardly be used, confusing user interface.
CSS All HTML pages makes a reference to myStyle.css. There is evidence of internal CSS used. Reasonable attempt is made to use external CSS. There are lot of style rules mixed up with HTML. No evidence of external style sheet.
Footer information This section contains copyright information, proposed privacy policy; disclaimer notice, and link to social media sites. Copyright information is missing but other elements are present. Makes a reasonable attempt to provide the components but social media icon looks inconsistent. A few elements are missing in the footer section. There is no footer at all, or the attempt is below acceptable standard.