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Your team has selected the preferred city by using robust problem solving techniques. You now need to develop a report for the Board outlining important features that will need to be considered before proceeding with the expansion. In the business world this may be called a scoping report and can often lead to a full Business Case. This scoping report identifies the “Important” areas or issues and then finds answers to these big issues. The scoping report you develop will be preliminary and have several sections covering important areas that must be considered before any project is commenced. As an individual you will complete and be assessed on your individual research component of the report.
Reference: 20 issues for expanding internationally, Ernst & Young, See WebCT references.
The scoping areas that should be addressed:

Risk Profile – how Disney can manage/lower any risk that may impact the project.

Financing – how Disney will find the finance to fund the expansion.

Marketing – how will Disney market their products and what is their demographic.

Legal Systems - what are the main legal issues Disney may face in the expansion.

Cultural inclusion - how Disney will ensure cultural inclusion in the expansion.

Seminar allocations: Total time allowed 240 minutes.

Week 10: 60 min in class for planning, roles, initial research and problem solving
Week 11: 90 min for problem solving, planning for presentation
Week 12: 90 minutes for collation of report, preparation and delivery of presentation and submission of Powerpoint slides at end of session.
Disney Scoping Report 20% Individual

Your written report (3500-4000) must use the headings listed below, use Harvard Referencing in the text and reference list and provide evidence of research using at least 30 references of which 50% must be from journals or books. You must submit a full originality report from Turnitin of your final report.
The report is to include research done by individuals covering the following areas and must use the following format and headings. It is discouraged to use numerous tables or templates and we will be assessing your ability to cover the main issues using clear academic writing. We want you to focus on the MAIN QUESTIONS in your section and make sure YOU ANSWER THEM in academic essay format.


Front page

Executive Summary



Background of project, Overview of City

Main questions

Why is this city so suitable for the expansion?

Managing Risk

Issues, Constraints, Risk Profile, Assumptions

Main Questions

What is the number 1&2 risks associated with the expansion?

How will Disney mitigate those risks?

Legal Systems

International Legal Issues, National Legal issues, Workforce Legal Issues of the chosen country

Main Questions

What is the main workplace law that Disney will need to understand in the expansion?

What is the main consumer law that Disney will need to understand in the expansion?

Financing the expansion

Sources of Finance, Financial & Non-financial Costs, Financial & Non-financial benefit

Main Questions?

What sources of funds are there that Disney can use for the expansion?

What are the costs associated with getting capital for the expansion?

Marketing the expansion

Target Market, Product profile, Marketing strategies

Main Question?

What is the target demographic in the Disney project?

What suite of products will be delivered in the Disney Project?

What strategy will be used to deliver the suite of products?

Business, Disney and Culture

Cultural Profile of city/country, Workforce Cultural Issues, Cultural Inclusiveness

Main Questions

What is the dominant Culture of the city?

How will workforce culture impact the expansion?




Team Organisation

In this exercise we want you to assign team members to the following roles;

Team Member 1 (700 words)

Leads team through activities, calls meetings, sets agendas, writes the executive summary

Compiles the section titled Introduction background and city description.

Collects individual writing pieces and reference lists and collates into final report using template provided.

There is no re-writing of other team members’ work.

The leader also submits and retrieves the originality report from turnitin. Must use 5-10 references.

Team Member 2 – Managing Risk (700 words)

Leads team through activities writes minutes and writes the conclusion.

Compiles the section titled Managing Risk.

5-10 References

Team Member 3 – Legal Framework of Disney Expansion (700 words)

Research on how Disney will operate within the different legal systems/issues.

Compiles the section titled Legal systems/issues.

5-10 References

Team Member 4 – Financing the Disney Expansion (700 words)

Research on how Disney will finance its expansion.

Compiles the section titled Finance the Disney Expansion.

5-10 References

Team Member 5 – Marketing the Disney Expansion (700 words)

Research on how marketing issues/problems that Disney faces in the expansion.

Compiles the section titled Marketing the Expansion

5-10 References

Team Member 6 – Cultural Inclusion (700 words)

Research on Culture can impact upon the Disney expansion.

Compiles the section titled Business, Disney & Marketing.

5-10 References