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Please view an attachment is Distributed Systems for assignment # 3,and let me knowyour offer.Please give me a discount price because I always come to you.Elena, this assignment is related to COM130248 (assignment # 2).Please remind it to my expert who did it last time.Thanks in advanced.
Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design by George Coulouris & others
Assignment 3 - Due date: April 19, 2013
This assignment will involve the design and implementation of a distributed application/system
to be implemented in Java. As option 1 for this assignment, your task is to design and
implement a server and the clients that will provide a robust distributed application in your
selected problem domain. As an alternative project selection noted as option 2, you may migrate
the assignment 2 application, the document-vending system, to the cloud in the form of a Google
App. Both projects will involve a document describing the process of design, implementation,
and testing of your application.
Your Distributed System (option 1)
The application must address the following properties:
• Multiple processing entities in the form of clients and servers.
• Shared data/state information.
• Robust operation in the form of communication, processing, and crash/restart capability.
• Must only use the Java language packages (no external packages other than for user
interface support).
• Must be non-trivial and use literature support as the basis for the inspiration.
Google App Document Vending (option 2)
The application must address the following properties:
• Must follow the requirements of assignment # 2 - Please reference COM 130248 that you deliver to me on March 15.
• May consider modifications for application improvement based on support.
• See for Google App Engine information:
• Must only use the Google Java App Engine.
• The write-up for this assignment must take a migration focus in addition to discussing
design, implementation, and test.
Client-Server Programs
Your ZIP file must include the following:
1. A detailed discussion of the methodology you used to implement your client-server system
and a concise and detailed design for the client-server system (methodology and design in
one file). Add a conclusion and summary section to your document that gives your insight to
the process and outcome of your work.
2. The Java source files for the system.
3. The class files.
4. A description of how to install and use your system (keep it simple).
5. A test plan, and test data.
The files must be Virus free and must run in the Sun JRE.

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