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In this assignment, you are to create a text adventure game that uses pointers. You have a rich, eccentric Uncle Billy who is soon to be deceased. How soon.....oops......he's gone.
He has left you a fortune in gold in a saftey deposit box, but knows that you like riddles and challenges. On your journey you will run into 3 people who will give you clues indicating
the safety deposit box you will need to open if you are to receive your inheritance. They will each ask you a riddle, and if your response is correct, they will give you a few of the
characters in the saftely box number. If you answer incorrectly, the will probably give you false information. Once you have met each of the 3 -riddlers-, you will head off to the
bank and test your code. Will you be victorious or will you be meeting face to face with your deceased Uncle Billy?

You are to write a program that uses a pointer to a poiner to a string object. The memory location of the pointers are to be used as the codes/saftey deposit box numbers. This program
should be broken down into functions, at least one for each clue. Be aware of the scope of your variables when creating this assignment.

To get full credit for this program, you will need to use a pointer to a pointer to a string object, and utilize at least one constant pointer. You must use the pointers in if statements
to decide if you win or lose the gold, and you must use functions. Try to make an interesting story. You can find riddles on the internet to use if you don't have any of your own.