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This assignment is a small website that can manage expense which should be created using ASPX, and Microsoft Access as any other Database. Website name should be family accounting System. Website template or database can develop as developer wish. the main purpose of this website is to manage family members daily expenses. all users should login to add expenses or bank details. and they can track their daily expenses, admin users can view all users details.
Family Accounting System
1. should use ASPX as main Language
2. Database (Mysql, SQL or Microsoft Access)
3. website should two different rights for Admin and users
4. Admin can create new users and view or access all user details
5. Each user should login using inorder to add expenses
6. One user should not able see or view other users accounts nor expenses.
7. users can change their password.
Family Accounting System
login page

expanse manager settings
bank accounts
Add Expense

change password
Add bank accounts
Payee Add new users
Saving / Current Account
Account Number Category username
Bank Account
Remove bank accounts admin/user Amount
Update bank accounts email View Expense Grid
View All users Details Delete users
View All Details