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Individual Assignment

• Format: Written formal report
• Length: 2,000 words (excluding references)
• Submission Deadline: Week 8, 28 April 2014 by 10 am in assignment box located at G27 Level 2
• Learning Objectives Assessed: 1, 2, 3, 4
• Total Weight: 30%

High product quality, service reliability, and management of operations are key factors in business growth and sustainability. Today, travel commentary websites such as TripAdvisor, shape and influence consumer purchase decisions. Further, user-generated content provides a rich source of customer feedback, revealing determinants of customer delight (or disgust), enabling tourism businesses to identify their competitive position. Within this environment, designing a new competitive service or improving an existing operation is a challenging task for any service provider.

The aim of this assessment is to enhance students’ understanding of the highly complex and interdisciplinary nature of service design.

Task Description:
This is an individual assessment. To complete this assessment, students are required to choose any ONE of the business operations listed from the TripAdvisor (links below); OR choose your own hotel operation from the TripAdvisor. If you decide to choose your own hotel (must have at least 200-300 reviews with a recommending rate [] of 20-40%), please discuss with the lecturer to verify if it is suitable for this assessment.

• Beachcomber Resort Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast:
• Greenmount Beach Resort Coolangatta, Gold Coast:
• BEST WESTERN Astor Metropole Hotel, Brisbane:
• Explorers Inn Hotel, Brisbane:
• Diana Plaza Hotel, Brisbane:

1. Conduct comprehensive online research of the hotel operation to identify service quality issues facing the business operation;
2. Critically analyse what the hotel promotes and customer reviews to identify quality specification-actual service gaps;
3. Develop innovative solutions to reduce the service quality gaps in order to increase customer satisfaction.
4. Drawing form the information gathered; make recommendations to solve the service quality gaps issue, recognising the repercussions/consequences of the alternatives presented.

The formal report should include the following:
1. Executive summary (approximately 200 words)
2. Identification of service quality issues facing the tourism/hospitality operation (approx. 450 words)
3. Analyse service quality issues facing the tourism/hospitality operation (approx. 450 words)
4. Recognition of innovative solutions to reduce the quality specification-actual service gaps identified (approx. 450 words)
5. Synthesis of ideas and solutions (approx. 450 words)

To complete this task you need to identify at least six high quality academic journal articles and use them as the foundation for your report.

This assignment must be submitted both electronically using TurnItIn and in print format. You will find two TurnItIn submission points under your course folder Assessment > Individual Assignment. One is a DRAFT and the other is a FINAL submit point. Please submit the draft at least 24 hours before the final due date to allow enough time for editing.
Please submit your PRINTED assignment copy with the following:
• Griffith University assignment cover sheet
• TurnItIn originality check report of your FINAL assignment
• Assignment cover page (include word count)
• Complete report including reference list (your assignment)
More Information:
Course Materials:
Lectures and the tutorial activities will assist you in considering key issues relating to this assignment.
Citation and Referencing:
The assignment should show evidence of research, with references from relevant journals. You should use minimum five high quality academic citations to back your argument. Citation and referencing format should conform to APA reference style (please refer to this link for reference styles guidance:
Presentation Format:
The assignment should be presented in this format:
• Word processed in 12-point Arial or Times New Roman
• Double line spacing
• Single sided printing
• Please collate all the pages together and staple in the top left hand corner
• Do not submit assignment in a plastic folder or binding.
Students must be able to produce an electronic copy of all work submitted, and be able to resubmit if requested by the Convenor. Students are expected to retain copies of all assessment items submitted until a final grade for the course has been awarded. Creating a backup of all your computer files is highly recommended.
Assignments received by fax, e-mail, or any other form other than hard copy (unless specifically advised by the course convenor) will NOT be accepted. Please refer to regulations on Late Submission

TurnItIn is an online text-matching service available through the course Learning@Griffith site. It enables students to submit electronic versions of their assignments via the internet, and generate a text-matching report. This service is designed to aid in educating students about plagiarism and the importance or proper attribution of any borrowed content. It is recommended that all students utilise this service prior to submitting a hard copy of their assignments.
A student user guide is available at the following site: InStudentGuide.pdf