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1. This reportwill have a significant word count, it is expected that your final assignment will be a minimum of 2500 words and a maximum of 3000 words.

2. Your report must have a professional Project Management focus and/or relevance. You are to use appropriate academic research methods to explore the topic.

1. The inclusion of diagrams within your report is acceptable but they must:

· Complement any discussion.
· Be referenced in the text to show applicability and appropriateness.
· Referencing must use the APA Writing Style methodology.

This assessment is an individual piece of work. Although discussion amongst fellow class members is acceptable, the final report must be your own individual work only.

REPORT STRUCTURE:This report is focused ondiscussing problems associated with the Novopay payroll project recently conducted by the Ministry of Education.

Discuss this project using the PMBOK categories of Scope, Time, Cost and Quality,

As a guide please structure your report under the following headings.

1. Introduction–The NovopayProject background information
2. Discussion – in this section use the core PMBOK categories of; Scope, Time andCostto analyse the project and examine the problem areas. Investigate whether the project was conducted using a formal methodology and how successful this was
3. Considering the category of quality, discuss this from the perspective of the end users of the project deliverable
4. Conclusionsand recommendations
5. References

Additional information:

Ministerial Inquiry

Software Implementation - Lessons to be learnt from the Novopay project