Recent Question

Mining and exploration of uranium including reflective journal(Course is Business ethics and sustainability)-3000 words
Actually Life-cycle study of the use of Uranium for Energy Production-30% out of 100 marks
Reflective journal must include:
1. Individual response to climate change? What should i do?
2. Company response to climate change?what should they be doing?
3. National response to climate change?what should nations be doing?
4. what is the UNDSD?
and in Report must include topics like
1. The opportunities for nuclear power as an answer to the problems of climate change
2. The challenges to nuclear power-safety,costs and environmental damage in the process
3. For the part of the lifecycle that you are studying a description of current processes or activities around the world and some of the future options or practises available
4. what are the costs of these operations related to the costs of the powe/energy produced
5. What occupational Health and safety issues are involved in part of the lifecycle?
6. weighting up the ethical issues that are port of this process can you justify the growth of Uranium in Energy Developmet?

12 arial letter format