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New Zealand Diploma in Business/Management
Leadership 630-Version 2
Individual Assignment
Leadership Research
Total weighting is 25% of final grade
This assignment comprises learning outcome one 5%, two 10% and three 10%


To ensure professional presentation of your work read, and use, all the following instructions otherwise you will lose marks.

1. Assignments must have a cover sheet which includes a title, the course name and number, student name, ID number.
2. Assignments must be typed using one and a half spacing with font size 12.
3. Number your answers. Use main headings and sub headings to help structure your assignment into sections.
4. Use the same format (font and layout) throughout the whole assignment.
5. Number the pages of the assignment.
6. Ensure that there are no spelling mistakes - use the spell check on the computer.
7. Reference all ideas, quotes and information which you obtain from books, articles, and the internet using the APA format - refer to APA website.
8. A reference list of authors, and titles of their work, must be included on a separate page at the end of the assignment.
9. Maximum number of marks you could lose is 1% per day
10. State number of words at the end of your assignment.
11. If for any reason you are unable to meet the due date for this assignment, you must contact your lecturer before the deadline not afterwards.
The Objective of this Assignment
To develop your skills in evaluating approaches to leadership relevant within diverse cultural contexts and discuss the influence of leadership towards ethics and social responsibility.

Read the scenario below

The aviation industry has existed for about 100 years and has experienced fluctuating fortunes throughout that time as a result of political and economic pressures, highly variable fuel prices, and changes in aircraft design. Some commentators believe that the quality of corporate leadership in aviation companies is a significant factor in deciding whether an airline succeeds or fails, because of the role of leadership in forming the corporate response to changing circumstances.
In the past 20 years, New Zealand has experienced an increase in the number of international airlines flying into its main cities (especially Auckland), and serving its internal routes. Of the many companies that have come and gone, three have persisted through a variety of alliances and cooperative arrangements, and remain active in the NZ market in a variety of ways;
• Air New Zealand – Chief Executive Officer; Rob Fyfe
• Qantas – Chief Executive Officer; Alan Joyce
• Virgin Airlines/Virgin Australia – Chief Executive Officer; Steve Ridgway

Whilst all of the 3 corporations are based in the same industry in predominantly white, male, English-speaking cultures, there are observable differences in the corporate cultures and ethics and social responsibility.

Assignment Task
Evaluate how the different national cultures of the home countries of Air New Zealand, Qantas and Virgin Airlines/Virgin Australia have influenced the nature of leadership, and suggest a theory that explains the differences you have outlined. Explain how the theory you named contributes to understanding the differences in individual and organizational cultures, ethics and social responsibility of each leader.

You should evaluate:
• style of leadership, and a theory that explains the differences
• cultural contexts in organizations and individuals
• ethics, social responsibility, stakeholders and stakeholder goals and society
• analysis of leadership

Write between 2000-2500 words

Assignment Due Date: 15th November 2013