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Select the single best answer for each question or statement. 14.3 points each questions. The student you have to pass at least the 80% = answered 8 questions correctly.

Using Textbook of SURVEYIN G WITH CONSTRUCTION APPLICATIONS BY Barry F Kavanngh Custom Edition. You can find as PDF on the internet or equal.

1-The key components provided by a surveyor hired to do layout for the construction of a federal highway are:

A-horizontal and vertical angles

B-centerline station locations

C-line and grade for construction of the highway

D-roadway allowance stakes for right of way clearing

2-A construction surveyor using a steel tape is pulling a critical measurement for the layout of a building. The terrain in the immediate area does not allow for a level measuring area. If the surveyor verifies the difference in elevation between the point measured from, and the point measured to as 8.93 feet, and the measurement pulled along the sloped ground is 82 feet, 41/2 inches, what would the horizontal distance between the tow points be?

a-82.38 feet

b-82.86 feet

c-73.45 feet

d-81.89 feet

3-Using automatic level and rod , a construction surveyor shoots a back sight reading of 8.93 at a TBM of elevation 653.24. If the surveyor needs to mark elevation 649.21 on an existing wall for a carpenter to use as a reference line during construction, what should the rod reading be when marking the elevation?





4-When laying out an angle with a transit after the instrument is set up on a known point and a line of sight is established with another known point, the instrument angle should be:

a-set to 90 degrees

b-set to zero


d-set to 180 degrees then flipped.

5-When turning the last angle of a closed traverse, the optimum result is:

a-to be 90 degrees from the origin

b-to measure exactly 360 degrees on the total station

c-to be sighting the first property corner previously installed

d-to be within 5 degrees of the first property corner installed.

6-When using GPS to conduct coordinate point installation, a faulty layout point can most likely be attributed to:

a-space shuttle interference

b-improper receiver positioning

c-covert cold war interference by the Russians

d-the mean distance above sea level.

7-When conducting layout of a highway curve, the most essential points necessary for doing the layout of any curve are:

a-the TBN and the HI.

b-the PI, BC and EC.

c-the BS and FS

d-X, Y, and Z.

8- When reviewing a typical municipal street cross sectional drawing, the crown, or cross fall of 2% is:

a-indicated only as a remember that the street is not to be installed flat.

b-the only way roads can be constructed, especially in wet climates.

c-necessary with respect to curve alignment at roadway intersections

d-critical with respect to grade control to ensure proper roadway drainage.

9-Ofset point installation is often used for the construction layout control of bridge foundations due to:

a-excavation depth at the foundation corner points.

b-the high volume of traffic at bridge locations

c-critical elevation verification

d-the long span of bridge beams prior to final paving

10-When doing graphical analysis for an asphalt quantity survey, an area with four unequal sides, with two of them parallel, would more than likely be treated as what type of geometric

a-A triangle

b-A trapezoid

c-A square

d-A circle

Note: The deadline will be February 13, 2014