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Notes about Project Report (6692/9783)
Your Project Report should be submitted via Moodle, which is due by the end of week 12, (5/5/17)
You may have a working group (two people as one working group). You may pick any topic listed in this note or relevant topic to this unit. The major idea of the “Project Report” is to show your understanding about this unit related to the history, present, and future, in particular its applications. What is your opinion about “how does this unit relate to your future career?”
Please make sure your Report should be named as the format as below:
for example: 1234567_Peter_John_7654321_Proj, which means this Project Report for the first name of the first author is Peter with ID 1234567 and the first name of the 2nd author is John with ID 7654321.
The tentative topics may be (but not limited to) as below:
1. Software Defined Networking
2. High speed network in the future social society
3. My opinion about the future networking
4. Virtualisation in Future Networking
5. The bottleneck of high speed networks
6. Novel application of high speed networking
7. Discussion of security for a high speed networking
8. Predications for next ten years high speed networking
9. One of key designs for a high speed networking
10. Cloud computing and high speed networking
11. Broadband and high speed networking
12. My Opinions for national broadband in Australia
13. … any related topic to this unit
Please note the following items:
1. Please note the due date of submitting your lab report. The delayed report without any reason will apply the penalty following the University Rule.
2. The project report should have a proper title that shows your focus.
3. You need to put author’s name on the first page with your ID.
4. It is a better way to have an “Introduction” for your report, by which you make the background description, and your motivation about this topic.
5. It is a good way to have your literature review about your topic, by which you show your topic position, significance, and how deep you are going to discuss about the topic. You should put clear references for your each statement. The final reference list should clearly show all the references you have used.
6. You need to show: what are major items you would like to highlight? why? how does it impact on the future in this area?
7. Offering the evidences for your statements, such as analyses and final results. Your presentations may use some tables, charts to express your final results.
8. Final results and conclusion will build “take away” information for your report.
9. References
Project Report Marking Schema
1. Introduction (20%)
2. Opinions & Explanations (40%)
3. Discussion (30%)
4. Overall presentation (10%)