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Automation Test: Selenium / Java Assignment
Due: January 22, 2014

Challenge 1:
Write a function that takes two parameters: (1) a String representing a text document and (2) an integer providing the number of items to return. Implement the function such that it returns a list of Strings ordered by word frequency, the most frequently occurring word first. Use your best judgement to decide how words are separated. Your solution should run in O(n) time where n is the number of characters in the document. Implement this function as you would for a production/commercial system. You may use any standard data structures.

Challenge 2:
Given an unordered list of N elements, write a function to find the top four elements of the given list. Make sure your function runs in linear time O(N).

Input format :
First line of input contains N , number of elements in list.
Next N line , each contains a element.

Output format :
Print the top four elements of list.