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Analysis of a sports event
Type of event: a sports event you recently attended, as a participant, an athlete, a function owner or a supporter)
1.Start with a short description of the event, the venue that hosted it and how the event has been carried out.
2.Choose the elements that should be taken into consideration at the end of a sports event accordingly with the event you selected. You must select the important and relevant issues for it and the elements that are worth analysing in terms of relevance.
3. Create a layout for a post-event meeting highlighting which elements could be improved and which could be omitted from the next edition.
4.Provide your own suggestions about how the event could be improved and analyse how each management position (roles within the staff) should have been operated during the event and how should be operate in the future to maximise the event organisation
2.5-3 pages word document with font Arial 12