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Distribution of audiovisual rights for a boxing event
The development of this activity consists of designing the distribution policy for broadcasting rights in Spain for a boxing event held abroad, analysing their pros and cons and arguing decisions from the point of view of the sponsor or agency in order to maximize exposure and resulting revenue, selecting:
• Whether the broadcast will be made directly on PPV or will be free-to-air.
• Which distribution channels are most powerful.
Event details:
• Start time: Sunday at 5:00 AM (since it takes place in America).
• Boxing in Spain: niche sport with relatively few, but highly loyal, followers.
• Premier evening, with great worldwide impact in the media for the main fight: there is a Spanish boxer in one of the secondary fights.
Press and media in Spain:
• TV: public and private channels.
• TV: pay and free-to-air channels.
• TV: satellite, cable, and land channels.
• Territorial distribution: local, regional, and national channels.
• Minimal relevant OTT/Internet platforms.
• The main telephone operators (Movistar, Vodafone/ ONO) have TV platforms with sports channels.
• The main national radio broadcasters place a lot of importance on sports programming.
How the activity should be resolved?
When ironing out distribution policy, you should justify the decisions made, taking into consideration aspects such as:
• If payment methods or free-to-air policies are chosen.
• If it is a linear distribution or differentiated by channels.
• If preponderance is given to the discussion of potential revenue.
In this manner, you will be able to answer questions such as:
• What type of operations would be best to reach broadcast and revenue targets?
• What do you think should be the optimal distribution of rights packages coming out to market?
• What main aspects would need to be discussed in the contract beyond audiovisual rights?
The success of this activity will depend on the following sequence:
1. Analyse the event's context.
2. Refine the policy depending on the goals to be reached and the event itself.
3. Group together the conclusions resulting in a final document.
The learning objectives to be achieved in this activity are the following:
• Design the distribution policy for an event's broadcast policy.
• Define the various rights packages.
• Optimize use in the various platforms.
How to deliver the activity?
A document in Word format which is a maximum of four pages long in which the policy is described and the reasons for decisions made for this event are detailed

Editable MS Word File
Word Count: 1140 words including References

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