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A sponsorship strategy for a specific brand
In this activity, you will to define a sponsorship policy approach for a brand within your national market and list her according to main objectives.
What information do you need?
You should select an international brand but with strong roots in your national market avoiding sports brands such as sports apparel manufacturers, and any sponsorship in place at the moment (not active in sponsorship for the last two years and now).
However, it is important you select either a brand you like (as a regular consumer of its products), either a brand you know well enough to understand its business activity and development perspectives (just to make it more interesting for you).
How will the assignment be resolved?
The success of this activity will depend on the following sequence:
1. Select a brand within your national market (It can also be an international brand).
2. Investigate and list the brand main objectives (if you can try to differentiate brand objectives and business objectives):
• If you cannot find information on the brand specific objectives, just make a smart guess based on the company situation, its business results, its brand reputation and positioning and the growth perspectives within its field of activity.
3. Define a sponsorship policy approach for this brand, including:
• The list of specific benefits that sponsorship could deliver to the brand.
• Identify the sport and the sponsorship format that you believe would fit best.
• Propose three different sports properties within the selected sport, that you consider more relevant to approach and negotiate with, and for each property please describe what you consider to be the main opportunity for the brand.
4. Include the final conclusions in a Word document and submit it.
The learning objective to be achieved in this activity is the following:
• To train personal ability in defining a sponsorship strategy for a specific brand.
How to deliver the activity?
Word document not exceeding 5 pages.