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Analyse Nike’s website
Development of this activity consists of analysing the Nike webpage's digital presence in order to profile a series of improvements and action plans that allow this positioning to be improved in terms of:
• Accessibility, browsability, relationship, and aesthetics.
• Number of followers on social networks.
• SEO keyword positioning.
How the activity should be resolved?
Follow these steps to complete the activity properly:
1. Analyse Nike's webpage.
2. Analyse this page's digital presence regarding social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc…
3. Analyse this page's (SEO) positioning.
4. Collect the data observed in a common document in which recommendations and action plans are specified so that this website can optimize its Internet communication strategy.
During the development of this analysis you should take into account aspects such as:
Accessibility factor
• Does it require a registration process to obtain data?
• Does it require additional software to be able to browse or access documents?
• Does it offer options/instructions to increase the size of text or graphics?
• Does it offer language options?
• Does it have a glossary for terms used on the website?
Browsability factor
• Home page download time
• Does it have a menu categorized by subject?
• Does it have external links to make use of a more in depth subject?
• Does it allow users to return to the home page with just one click?
Relationship factor
• Does it allow customization of the home page?
• Does it allow contact using: telephone number, fax, email, chat, SMS, or other methods?
• Check if they work, check response times, etc.
• Does it offer subscriptions to bulletins, newsletters, etc.?
• Does it offer the possibility of participating in surveys?
• Does it offer entertainment? Radio, TV, games, other…
Design factor / aesthetics
• What colour tones are used? Intense? Cool? Dark background? Light letters? Light background? Dark letters? How many colours are used on the home page?
• What types of fonts? What sizes? Do they use capital letters? Ù
Digital presence for social networks
During the development of this analysis you should take into account aspects such as:
• Number of followers.
• Community management policy analysis.
Digital presence for SEO/SEM positioning
During the development of this analysis you should take into account aspects such as:
• Keyword lists elaboration for both natural positioning (SEO) and page positioning (SEM).
• Analysis of their positioning based on various options for keywords, access location, access time, means of access.
• Study skills by keyword, creation of ranking depending on the best positioning.
Action plan and recommendations for improvement
Starting from the exhaustive analysis carried out of the chosen brand or entity's online presence, make a proposal with an action plan and recommendations that should be carried out in the near future to optimize their Internet communication strategy.
Maximum length 4 pages