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Web Services & Distributed Systems

Texts Web Services: Principles and Technology by Michael P. Papazoglou
Distributed Systems: Concepts and Design by George Coulouris and others.

Due Date: 12/16/13

Address all questions, be concise, but provide enough depth.
Note: Your answers must show sufficient depth of understanding of the problem question, so in relating to this assignment, 1 or 2 sentence answers per questions will not be enough, usually 300+ words has enough details .

Web Services and GRID computing:

Q1) A GRID – A loosely coupled, heterogeneous, and geographically dispersed group of computers designed to reach a common goal

a) Explain the purpose of the GRID? (beyond what I mentioned above)
b) Explain the differences between cloud computing and the functionality of a GRID?
c) Explain the differences of the following types of Grids.
• Departmental grids
• Enterprise grids
• Global grids
d) Explain how the GRID uses web services?
e) How does SOAP address reliable communications?
Q2) What is distributed computing systems management?
Q3) What is operational and what is tactical service management?
Q4) Discuss the implications of application level security for SaaS, PaaS and IaaS
Q5) What is multi-tenancy? Why is it important for Cloud Computing?
Q6) What are the five essential characteristics that the cloud model promotes for availability?

Q7) What is the next step for Web services, where is it going and how do you think it will get there?
Q8) Are there other technologies, either hardware or software that are competing against Web Services? please explain?
Q9) What is the most, in your opinion, valuable resource for web services usage and support of the continuing development of web services?.
Q10) What is the most important concept you learned about web services? please explain?

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