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ASSESSMENT TASK 1: You are applying for a graduate position and are required to address the selection criteria for the position.

Addressing selection criteria is a means of evaluating for yourself and informing external audiences how you will demonstrate in practice the key competencies required for a particular
nursing position. Selection criteria require you to demonstrate the ability to write well-constructed paragraphs which are specific, targeted and relevant and provide examples of what you have
done, where possible, to substantiate your claims.

Selection criteria require a written statement relating to your skills, knowledge, experience, values
and personal attributes which support your application and will inform the selection process.


1. Address THREE selection criteria from the topics below. Word count for each 250 words.
2. You should choose ONE criteria from each topic;

Topics and Criteria:

A. Shared Governance; Choose ONE
a) Ability to describe own role and responsibility clearly to other health professionals
b) Current knowledge of and ability to apply nursing principles in the delivery of patient centered care in a designated area
c) Ability to demonstrate nursing practice consistent with the policies and practices of the designated area and describe the leadership role of the registered nurse.

B. Clinical Governance: Choose ONE
a) Ability to practice within an evidence-based framework
b) Ability to use judgment in delegating tasks to others and accepting delegation from others
c) Knowledge of continuous quality improvement and ability to apply quality and safety principles to patient/client care

C. Self -Governance: Choose ONE
a) Demonstrate a commitment to ongoing professional development and life -long learning
b) Well-developed interpersonal skills including the ability to communicate, problem solve, negotiate and resolve conflict effectively
c) Ability to respond to constructive feedback and develop as a reflective practitioner.

3. Write in the 1st person
4. Write your response to the key words of the selection criteria and provide evidence of the critical reflection on the module 1 content, academic literature and examples from your PEP experience to meet the selection criteria statement.
As this task is an academic assessment task, reference citations of sources are expected.

Assessment to be submitted into Dropbox in MyLO
Marking Criteria
Identifies clear relationship between theory and practice and the way current knowledge and experience will inform future practice Self-evaluation reflects personal assessment and understanding of the skills and attributes required in the role of the graduate nurse in the clinical setting
Identifies the governance frameworks which influence the practice of nursing
Communicates in academic writing using correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Constructs coherent sentences. Correct use of the SNM Harvard referencing style.