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Assessment #2 - Individual Report 2 (Graded)
The aim of the second assessment is to expand the understanding of risk and crisis that to a significant degree can be effectively managed and planned for through an act of strategic planning.

Task description
In this assessment you are required to devise a strategic plan for managing a crisis in a selected tourism & hospitality organisation, an industry sector or a tourism destination which have been affected by a crisis (or in your opinion are vulnerable to negative events and resulting crises).

The report should provide a basic plan for management of key areas of the business or a destination that should be implemented in order to minimise the chances of a crisis occurring (or management of its impact, once the crisis has happened).

In the introduction of your report you should clearly state the type of negative event or crisis the organisation, industry sector or the destination is facing (or is likely to experience in the near future). This should be followed by a discussion of:
a. chosen strategy of crisis anticipation (e.g. through early warning system or other methods of analysis and prognosis)
b. the most suitable preventive crisis management strategy that should be adopted by the organisation/industry sector/destination in order to avoid and/or minimise the impact of a crisis. You should justify why you have selected this particular strategy
c. the most suitable crisis management instruments (e.g. product, price, distribution, and communication policy) and a justification of their applicability to the specific crisis situation
d. proposed strategies to be addressed in the post-crisis stage including resolution, evaluation and feedback.
The strategic plan can build on assessment 1 where you have already identified a specific negative event and a corresponding crisis, or be an entirely new analysis. Regardless of the chosen approach, the report must effectively incorporate the relevant theory covered in the course and include a sound research of the specific organisation, industry sector or the destination you wish to examine.

Assessment criteria
In the introduction of your report you should provide a definition of strategic planning, while the remaining part of the report must incorporate the relevant theory covered in the course. The specific assessment criteria of assessment 2 are as follows:
• understanding of a strategic planning process in the context of crisis management (15%)
• understanding and effective application of preventive crisis management (25%)
• understanding and effective application of crisis management instruments (25%)
• discussion of relevant post-crisis strategies (15%)
• presentation (structure, formatting, grammar, spelling and within word limit)(10%)
• referencing skills (10%)

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