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Directions: Create a Research Paper Outline based on the topic and thesis below

Research Topic: Gender Discrimination in the workplace
Thesis: Women in the workplace are often subjected to discrimination in the lack of leadership roles offered, salaries earned, and unwarranted sexual harassment; the common theme in these discrimination practices are that woman are predominantly impacted.

Your outline should be a detailed breakdown of the component parts of your paper. It should be 5 pages in length. The outline is a critical step in developing your final paper – the outline should provide a detailed, step by step blueprint. If done carefully and thoughtfully, once you have an outline in place, the paper should practically write itself!

The outline must identify more than 25 credible primary or secondary sources. Primary sources are referred as court cases while secondary sources refers to articles from reputable scholars or analysts. Cite all your in-text references and also at the end of the document.

For tips and examples, see the Purdue Online Writing Lab.