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To be considered for interview, you must respond to each of the listed selection criteria. The selection criteria outline the requirements that the successful applicant must possess in order to undertake the duties of the position. When responding to the below criteria, be sure to describe how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications relate to the position. Wherever possible include specific relevant examples of your work that clearly demonstrate your competency in a particular area.

Note: You should ensure that you save your work as you go by clicking on the save button at the bottom of this screen. The system will time out after a period of 30 minutes and any work that has not been saved may be lost. Alternatively, you may like to prepare your responses to the selection criteria in a word document and then cut and paste your responses into the relevant fields.
Selection Criteria 1 - Well developed communication and interpersonal skills and the ability to deal tactfully and effectively with a range of customers with various expectations. *

Selection Criteria 2 - Demonstrated experience in interpreting the various regulations, policies and procedures affecting Dealer Processing Centre and Registry operations. *

Selection Criteria 3 - Ability to work in a flexible manner in a team environment and participate as a team member. *

Selection Criteria 4 - Ability to accurately conduct cash, cheque and credit transactions and reconcile to computer generated balances. *

Selection Criteria 5 - Demonstrated experience in the use of computerised information systems and applications. *

My previous work responsibilities

1) Tasks and responsibilities

In I worked in IT department and warehouse on checkout
• Support end users by providing first level technical Support via phone and email.

• Enter all Calls into the helpdesk problem management system,

• Ensure thorough first-level problem determination is executed utilising all available research tools with the objective of resolving as many customer issues as possible. Escalate promptly when unable to resolve at first level.

• Provide accurate troubleshooting assistance to all customers with an appropriate sense of urgency and a positive attitude.

• Exercise professional Written and verbal communication skills at all times.

• Daily follow up of all outstanding help calls before leaving each day.

• Attend scheduled training to ensure ability to support new and existing hardware and software applications.

• Provide ongoing support and be available to travel! and stay overnight as required for IT installations and new Whse builds`

• Checkout – Working at Front End serving customer handling cash and register machine.

• Fire Warden of IT department.