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Assignment 2
What you have to do
For this assignment, you are required to:
research into an organisation that you are familiar with
collect relevant information for use in completing the tasks of this
To perform the tasks satisfactorily, you need to conduct extensive secondary
research using search engines, the useful websites in the Appendix of OTEN
learning resources and any other relevant sources of information.
This assignment continues from Assignment 1. You may need to refer to
Assignment 1 to complete the following four tasks.
Suggested response length: 8-10 pages
Task 1 (25 marks)
Describe the implementation of a recent marketing program or a marketing
plan of the organisation.
You are required to describe broad and specific action programs (what,
when, who and how) with reference to the marketing mix elements.
Task 2 (25 marks)
Identify and describe two sales forecasting techniques that could be used by
the organisation or in the industry.
You can use two of the following sales forecasting techniques:
Market build-up method
Survey of buyers' intentions
Composite of sales force opinions
Expert opinion
Delphi method
Regression analysis or any appropriate techniques.
Critically evaluate the two sales forecasting techniques.
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Task 3 (20 marks)
Identify and describe four financial ratios used for measuring and
monitoring the performance of the marketing program or the marketing plan
of the organisation. Relate your discussion to any relevant marketing mix
Task 4 (30 marks)
Describe five evaluation and monitoring control methods for the marketing
program or the marketing plan of the organisation. You need to demonstrate
your skills and knowledge of marketing metrics, financial metrics and
benchmarking industry best practices based on reliable sources of secondary