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Assignment 1
What you have to do
For this assignment, you are required to:
research into an organisation that you are familiar with
collect relevant information for use in completing the tasks of this
To perform the tasks satisfactorily, you need to conduct extensive secondary
research using search engines, the useful websites in the Appendix of OTEN
learning resources and any other relevant sources of information.
Suggested response length: 8-10 pages
Task 1 (10 marks)
Describe the organisation and the industry in which the company is
operating. Specify the ANZSIC code of the industry.
Task 2 (20 marks)
Conduct a situation analysis (internal analysis and external analysis) and
identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of the
You are required to describe the internal environmental factors and external
environmental factors that may impact on the organisation before arriving at
a SWOT analysis.
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Task 3 (10 marks)
a) Critically evaluate the marketing objectives of the organisation. (6
b) Briefly describe two recommendations to improve the marketing
objectives. (4 marks)
Task 4 (20 marks)
a) Describe the organisation’s market segments and target markets, and
then its segmentation, targeting and positioning strategies. (12
b) Critically evaluate these strategies with reference to the marketing
objectives. (8 marks)
Task 5 (40 marks)
a) Describe the marketing mix and their interrelationships. (20 marks)
b) Describe two recommendations for each of the marketing mix
strategies that will help monitor and improve the marketing
performance of the organisation. (20 marks)