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The requirement of Report:
The report is based on four cases:
based on those four cases to write an report about organization culture in one page.
the structure of report:
1 main idea: recommending solutions
2 overview: organization of ideas in a logical sequence reading recommendations
3 title page: yes
4 structure: 5 parts : synopsis/ abstract; introduction, research, discussion, conclusion,
recommendations (very important)
5 introduction: how to argue; map: what is gonging to come?
introduction size: short
6mail body: two parts: 1>research 2> discussion
7sub-title : none
8 table of contents : YES
9 conclusion what can we learn from.
10 recommendations: YES
11 references: in research sections
12 page numbers: YES
The written one-page handout mush:
1 be limited to one page.
2 be typed ( Arial, 10 point, single- spacing)
3.have each section numbered 1-8 written mostly in full sentences rather than doing points
5.follow appropriate acknowledgement practice i.e. quotes indicated with “quotation
marks”. with the page number included.
The information to be included is as follows:
1 Bibliographic information for article.
2.state the main argument has been developed ( research method and methodology,
3.disciplinary underpinnings, etc.) (approximately one paragraph)
Analyse the implications arising from the article’s arguments and research for the
learning i.e. key issues, questions raised, debates, links to other readings and
topics, and/or connections to contemporary issues (approximately two paragraphs).
sentence on what you found most interesting about the article.
5.Answer: ‘How could the Answer: ‘How could the article be improved?’ or ‘What
questions does the article leave unanswered?’ (approximately 2-3 sentences)
article be improved?’ or ‘What questions does the article leave
unanswered?’ (approximately 2-3 sentences)
5. Quote 2-3 lines from the article at any place above to illustrate an important point that
you make (you may include the quote anywhere under sections 3-7 above). “…” (page).

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