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Group project with Individual component
Format: Report
Length: Group Project report –2500 words maximum, excluding executive summary references list and appendices
Individual report component – Two pages maximum
Needs assessment
Develop a community profile of your chosen LGA that includes basic demographics and the following social determinants of health and, from your group analysis of the profile, identify ONE priority issue that your group plan will address to promote community health and wellbeing.
Social determinants of health to be included:
Early life Social gradient
Education Transport
Housing Unemployment
Income Work

Your needs assessment should also identify any additional information that may be required to complete the profile and sources from which such information could be collected.
Group plan
Aim and objectives of the plan
Strategies to achieve plan
Resources required including personnel
A risk assessment of the plan
Evaluation criteria to be used
A timeline for implementation and evaluation
The group report component will be use the following criteria

Comprehensiveness of needs assessment
All social determinants of health included
Priority issues supported by data
Additional information required identified

Individual component
For this component each student will conduct a health impact appraisal and write statement outlining the potential impacts of the proposed plan on the health of the LGA (local government area) population. The appraisal should include both positive and negative impacts and intended and possible unintended consequences.
The individual component will be marked using the following criteria:
1. Identification and description of appropriate positive and negative impacts
2. Identification and description of appropriate intended and unintended consequences.
3. References
I am allocated in Nambucca LGA for this assessment .please ensure when you go into the Australian Bureau of Statistics or other database that you collect data on the LGA and not just the town or other statistical division of Nambucca.