Recent Question

Research essay draft in 750 words .I will send u reading list of 9 articles choose 3 articles from list and you have to choose 1 journal article from yourself .The assignment will checked from originality using the Turnitin program. The draft is a full version of the essay and it should not be written in note form.

The economic impact of technological and organizational innovations.
A firm-level analysis

The economic impact of licensed commercialized inventions originating in
university research

Innovation in social economy firms

Innovation and Productivity Growth

The impact of therapeutic procedure innovation on hospital patient longevity: Evidence from Western Australia, 2000-2007

The adoption of open innovation within the telecommunication industry

Social innovation: Buzz word or enduring term?

The Economic and Social Impact of Telecommunications Output

Innovations and social problem solving: a comparative study

Topic- Describe a recent innovation ,and discuss its social and economic impacts.
Innovation eg- technology.

. Formal language
. Thesis and previews
. Linking words
. Separate paragraph
. Paraphrasing
. Conclusion
. Maximum use of dictionary
. 1 indirect and 3 direct citations
. Reference list of all citations

. No phrasal verbs
. No internet language