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Case Study: Zidane's Last Red Card (12 Pages)
• Read the case
• Watch a YouTube clip of the infamous Zinedane Zidane “head butt” from the July 9, 2006 World Cup championship match between France and Italy.
• Review FIFA's Disciplinary Code excerpted in the case.
• This is the change they made in May 2006 (before the event)

1. Does it make sense to punish the player who physically injures another with a four-match suspension and punish the player who spits at another with a six-match suspension? Why?
2. Should FIFA officials who commit infractions of the rules be penalized more than players? Why?
3. Should players be penalized more for offensive behavior directed against FIFA officials than against other players? Why? Often murder of a police officer carries penalties more severe than murder of an ordinary citizen. Should this be so? Is it more defensible to increase penalties when the victim is a FIFA official or when the victim is a police officer? Why?
4. If Materazzi is right about worse things being said on the soccer field, should FIFA investigate and fine those other offenders too?
5. Does it make sense for FIFA to have an offensive behavior regulation on the books which they effectively ignore? Are there any advantages to a private institution or business having a regulation that it ignores? Disadvantages?
6. Assume that FIFA wanted to increase compliance with its regulations and pursue investigations where players insult each other under FIFA Disciplinary Code Article 54. How would you advise FIFA to accomplish this?