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Text book: Software Engineering A Practitioner’s Approach
Author: Roger S. Pressman Due: August, 2013


1. Process models vary in their effectiveness in different types of scenarios. Choose a prescriptive process model and an agile process model and elaborate on a project scenario that would be well suited for each of the process models you chose. You will have two scenarios: one that is best suited for the prescriptive process model you chose and one that is best suited for the agile process model you chose. Please elaborate on why each model is well suited for that given scenario. (20 points)

2. Suppose your project has run out of time and money and you can only perform one type of testing. What software test would you perform and why did you choose this testing? (20 points)

3. What steps can you take in a project effort to assure that you produce quality software? Explain your answer. (20 points)

4. How did you apply the principles of Abstraction, Encapsulation, Information-Hiding and Modularity to the course project? (20 points)

5. You are a project manager assigned to a project to replace the existing payroll system in a very large company. This system is 20+ years old and spans users/stakeholders from many different departments in many different locations. Please describe how you would address the software phases of requirements, design and test. Explain your rational for each decision you make. (20 points)