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A term project: Please review attachment is details of the assignment # 2 – Requirement Document, and Design Document (assignment # 3). In this discussion thread, you will ask me questions about the term project as if I am your client (teacher).

For the project in this course I will act as the 'client'.

This is the start:
I would like a computer system to manage my small zoo. I would like for it to keep track of all the animals and their needs and the staff and volunteers. There is no need to keep track of financial data. I have a system for that, but this system would need to interface with that one eventually. If I like the final version enough, I might want to market this to other small zoos.

Here is an initial list of functional requirements:
The program must be able to:
• Mange the needs of the animals, such as feeding, medications, care, etc.
• Keep track of my workers and volunteers, such as availability, work schedule, etc.
• Contain a web interface for easy access to the application.

The first project deliverable is a requirements document (assignment # 2) that must be approved by the client. I have given you very little to work with, so start by considering what the client might require from such a product.

The program must be developed using an OO approach and must be able to run on typical MS Windows computers.

Please read an attachment is a “Proj-Discuss” file for the conversation of students & client (teacher)

Term Project:
A) Requirements Document - Due June 26
The goal of this assignment is to create a requirements document for a software
project we will discuss in class over the forums. This document should address the
system requirements and should not include design issues. At a minimum your
requirements document must contain:

• Document Title

• Date

• Introduction

• Glossary

• User Requirements Definition

Functional Requirements

Fully-elaborated Use Cases and Scenarios

Non-functional Requirements

• User Interaction

Screen Layout

• Risk Analysis

Please see the attachment is Requirement Document (part A).

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